Miracle Make-up Remover - Melanated Essentials
Miracle Make-up Remover - Melanated Essentials

Miracle Make-up Remover

Melanated Essentials

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Remember the DREADED days of Removing Make-up with Super Greasy Products

Or Dry Wipes that Burn Your Skin Yet Still Leave Make-up Behind?... 

Don't Tell Me You're Still Using Those Products! 

Make the switch NOW

Gently, Quickly, and Efficiently Remove Dirt, Oil, & Make-up From Your Face.

This Light-weight Product will remove your Make-up in no Time so You Can Get You Some Zzz's.

Live Flawless, Happy, & Free. Start Removing Your Make-up Faster Today and Purchase Your Miracle Make-up Remover Now!



Use the following product with a cotton round to remove your make-up. First, add a small amount of water to the cotton round. Next, add a small amount of the make-up remover. Gently use the cotton round to remove make-up from your face continuing to add more water and product as needed until all make-up is removed. While this product can be used to remove mascara and eye make-up, be careful to avoid getting this product inside of your eyes. Once finished, follow up with Our Liquid Gold Cleanser to remove any residue.


Coconut Oil, A Gentle Blend of Essential Oils, & Other Nourishing, Natural Ingredients.


Safety Indications & Warnings: This Product is not intended to heal or cure any disease. Product statements have not been reviewed or approved by the FDA. Please consult a Medical Professional for any questions regarding your healthcare. Always perform a small patch test when using our products to ensure allergies are not present. In the unlikely event of an adverse or allergic reaction, please seek medical attention immediately. This product is intended for external use only. Please do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes. Please do read the ingredient list fully to ensure no allergies are present to the ingredients used in the product. This product is perishable, please discard after 3 months.

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